Travel Companions


My favorite travel companions, meet my essential oil must-haves!

Before any flight domestic or international, I pack this trio of essential oils by doTERRA. I use a few drops of the Lemon essential oil in my water. If tastes crisp and fresh and keeps me hydrated while in-flight. OnGuard is great for all things icky. I travel with a small spray bottle with a mixture of water and On Guard and spray down my seating area! This is a natural and effective all purpose surface cleaner! Finally, DigestZen, this one packs a punch! Pre-flight I add a few drops into my hands and rub into the back of my neck, it gives off a calming aroma and settles my nerves. Also, I add a few drops to hot water mid-flight to soothe my stomach before and after eating on the plane!

Want to get your hands on these? Get them here: Wally NYC Essential Oils

  • Lemon
  • OnGuard
  • DigestZen

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