Trap Bar Jumps

Body by Oraine

Trap Bar Jumps! An explosion of energy while maintaining a super tight core!

These jumps get my heart rate pumping as well as firing up my glutes! Start off with good posture by packing your shoulders into your back pockets, lats down and pulling your abdominal wall in. With your head looking straight forward, hinge at the hips just to get a good grip on the trap bar, straighten to standing position. Hinge at your hip line, bend your knees and explode into the air bringing your hips forward! 15x 4 sets.

These are great to do even if you don't have all the equipment! I do these when traveling in my hotel room, but double it to 30 jumps and 8 sets. Believe me by set 6 I'm ignited!

Pro Tip by Oraine:

  • Setting up correctly is key, before any exercise to get maximum benefit
  • Pack your shoulders down into your pockets
  • Lats held and belly button snapped back
  • Hinge at the waist, lean over, knees out
  • Explode upward with the jump, bringing hips forward

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