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Virgin Atlantic

Traveling in style on Virgin Atlantic! Wally NYC is off to London...

When traveling in "style" it's all about flight preparation. Getting to the airport early, packing essentials in your carryon, do I have my passport? All these things can make one crazy pre-flight. Well, Virgin Atlantic has thought about all of these things for you, (except for the passport part).

When arriving at the airport and heading towards Virgin Atlantic check-in, you are greeted by super friendly staff and it's as if they already know who you are! Check-in was a breeze, I was immediately guided towards the Club House, now I'm flying Upper Class, which if you can... do it!

The Club House is exactly that, a Club House, the front check-in area has a place for you to stash your roll-aboard and once inside you have many options of where to get comfy. There's the bar area, a pool table lounge, a fresco cafe area, and couches and loungers fitted with usb slots with personal work/dining tables. The vibe is chill, well-traveled and high-end. The staff knows that traveling is stressful and they accommodate you in every way. 

Virgin Atlantic Club House | JFK

Yup! A bourbon on the rocks! Getting settled and devices charging, I was able to sit back and relax and simply wait for my flight to board. Ordering anything off the menu, from snacks, to lite-bites to full on main courses! I had the deviled eggs and the burger sans bun and fries (Ketostyle).

Soon after, my flight was announced and I gathered my luggage and headed towards the gate. Boarding was a quick and once you arrive at the boarding door is when you get the full Virgin Atlantic experience.

The flight attendants are impeccably dressed and directed me to my seat where I was greeted again by another attendant that wanted to help me get settled. The company has really thought of everything, I see my bed in a bag in the overhead, a black Travel Suit, and a Herschel Supply amenity bag! 

I changed into my Travel Suit and once settled, I was offered champagne and asked how I would like my service for the flight and if I wanted to sleep would I want to be awakened for the meals. I opted for the first meal and then sleep. Once in flight, I wanted to eat light and not drink too much as it dehydrates you terribly. So I had the root salad and the cheese plate, followed up by a bourbon and plenty of water! The attendant came by to make up my bed, a pillow top cover for the seat, a fluffy duvet and pillow and I was set. Put my noise cancelling headphones on and slept pretty comfortably.

The flight was early into London and I woke up with the smell of fresh brewed coffee! We were landing in less than hour, so I took my Herschel Supply kit and heading to change and freshen up. I failed to mention that the bathrooms are huge, they have a seat for changing and hooks for your clothes. The kit includes some fun stuff, the usual socks, toothbrush and eye mask, and great products by Rituals.

When I got back to my seat the bed was cleared, the seat was upright, my jacket laid nicely on my seat, and a fresh water. I sat back sunglasses on, relaxed and landed.

Overall this was a great experience! I was surprised by the "think-like-a-passenger" approach, as everyone was accommodating and thoughtful. Awsome job Virgin Atlantic!

Looking forward to taking the flight home! I hear the Club House in London literally takes your breath away!

Blue Skies from Virgin Atlantic
Blue Skies from Virgin Atlantic

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