Weekend Vibes

Looking forward to the weekend in the Pocono Mountains, re-connecting, and mental health.

Every month a group of friends get together for a catch up, either in the city at restaurant we haven't tried or at one of homes. This weekend we are going to a country bungalow in the Pocono Mountains!

The Poconos are an upland of the larger Allegheny Plateau, forming a 2,400-square-mile escarpment overlooking the Delaware River and Delaware Water Gap. The name comes from the Munsee word Pokawachne, which means "Creek Between Two Hills."

The mountains are a special place for me as they remind me of my childhood growing up in a valley just below Lake Tahoe. The smell of the pine and the fresh mountain air is intoxicating. It also reminds me of how friends and family would all gather in Tahoe with coolers filled food and drink, sitting around picnic tables under the umbrella of the forest trees to simply catch up on each others lives.

Which brings me to this point. Self-care and care of others. Surrounding yourself with friends and family, your inner circle, your posse or whatever you call them, the people who call you randomly just to say hi, or the regular ones that you meet at the bar for happy hour every week. These are your people, your tribe and keeping those relationships thriving is key to life's tricky balance.

In NYC's fast-paced culture of busy, hustle, frantic, crowded streets, honking horns, street construction, and exotic energy, sometimes feeling like you're in a pigeon coop with everyone else just trying to keep your head above water, I have to remind myself to "MAKE" a moment and stop, take a deep breath, head to my roof-top and look out over the concrete jungle, and imagine soaring like an eagle through vast high-rises looking down at why I love this city so much and all the people in it. My city, my inner circle, my tribe.

Mental health is so important, especially in a city like New York and checking in with your friends and family is so important! My mother was the historian in our family. Always writing in a journal about life's events, both good and bad, documenting with such detail. She was also a letter writer. Loved writing letters to her friends and family she didn't get a chance to "connect" with on a daily basis. Checking in. She was also a big believer in the universe and its power to guide you.

And so, call a friend that's been on your mind, not a text that can be ignored, pop in and see family just because, write a letter and actually mail it! Connect with your tribe near and far and feel the power of that connection, we all need to feel love and the tingles of knowing that we are surrounded by people that love us! #fillyoursoul #selfcare #connect

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